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1 month KIZOMBA courses in Riga with the Guest teacher Alina(Est)

posted 8 Jul 2012, 04:05 by Dmitrijs Cerenkovs
  • KIZOMBA Abs Beginners;
  • KIZOMBA Beg 3;

To all kizomba addicted and all those new to kizomba who want to learn!
Very special chance to learn more of KIZOMBA - 1 month - on Fridays for the whole July!

Alina has started Kizomba with Miguel Monteiro, further developed Kizomba skills learning from other many famous kizomba instructors.

There is always a lot to learn! Courses start 6.07!

  • 18:00 Kizomba Abs Beg (learn/improve BASIC of Kizomba)
  • 19:10Ladies Styling Kizomba (move correctly)
  • 20:20 Kizomba Beg3 (Those who know the basics of Kizomba)

Each course = 4 intensive classes each Friday

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PS. - Those, who want to take private classes pleasse contact Alina directly to book your time at!
Privates: 1 person/ 1 couple/ or 2 couples
Prices depend on the amount of privates!