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CHARITY Hi-party, 25.04.15

posted 22 Apr 2015, 03:38 by Dmitrijs Cerenkovs   [ updated 22 Apr 2015, 03:42 ]
Date: 25.04.15, Saturday;
Time: 20:00 - 01:30;
Location: Hi-Centrs;
Entrance fee: 3 EUR;
DJ: Aleksandr Tit;
It all started 5 years ago. Alex Lee 17 yo boy was a promising dancer, reaching he's goals, living a normal life, like every other person does. He was a break-dancer, until the moment he was diagnosed with "damage to the nervous system" illness. It means that all tissues in your body gradually stop functioning. He was forced to quit he's studies at collage, quit he's dancing career and proceed with heavy antibiotics treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment did not have any effect, and 2 years ago he could not walk by him self. At the moment he's not even able to type that message, that's why i'm doing it for him. He lives with he's parents, who take care of him.

The money is needed to start a new treatment, not any kind of operation or anything like that. The money is needed for therapeutic drugs, witch we hope, will help him to recover.
Все началось 5 лет назад. Александр Ли 17 летний мальчик был перспективным танцором, достигал целей, жил нормальной жизнью. Но был поставлен диагноз "повреждения нервной системы" . Это означает, что все ткани в вашем организме постепенно перестают функционировать. Он был вынужден бросить учебу, бросить танцевальную карьеру. 2 года назад он уже не мог ходить сам.
Деньги нужны, чтобы начать новый курс л